Coastal Communities

18 October, 2023

Flora McMorrin joined RISE UP as Campaigns Director in January 2023 and recently took part in a small-scale fisher congress and field trip in Costa Rica and the Gulf of Panama. In this blog post, she shares her insights from the journey. The trip began on the shores of Talamanca Canton, in the Limón province […]

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29 September, 2020

By Vivienne Solís Rivera and Kim Sander Wright, ICCA Consortium.

Indigenous peoples, local communities and small-scale artisanal fisherwomen and fishermen are the rights-holders and custodians of marine life within their coastal and marine territories. All around the world, these people have deep bonds with specific areas or bodies of natural resources and over generations have developed a huge variety of effective forms of governance in the form of customs and rules that ensure nature is conserved and livelihoods are sustained. These “territories of life” are fundamental for the conservation and thriving of life on our planet.

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