Setting Sail for Success: Insights from the RISE UP Working Session on the Road to the third UN Ocean Conference

Our ocean is in a critical state, facing unprecedented challenges that threaten its health and the well-being of the communities that depend on it. Rising sea levels, the threat of deep sea mining, overfishing, and the impacts of climate change are just a few of the pressing issues that demand our immediate attention. Recognising the urgency of the situation, we gathered for a two-day Working Session in Lisbon, hosted by the Oceano Azul Foundation at the Oceanario de Lisboa.

The event brought together passionate individuals from the RISE UP Advisory group,  organisations involved in the drafting of the Blue Call to Action, and experts from around the world to chart a course towards the third United Nations Ocean Conference in 2025 (UNOC3). From thought-provoking discussions to inspiring networking opportunities, the Working Session served as a transformative moment in our journey to amplify voices and mobilise action for a sustainable, equitable and resilient ocean.

We gathered as a diverse and inclusive community, representing a range of perspectives, expertise, and backgrounds. It was inspiring to witness everyone come together with a shared purpose behind the Blue Call To Action – to drive collective action to ensure the restoration, protection and equitable governance of our ocean. Each voice was valued and heard, as we delved into presentations, engaged in open discussions creating a space where ideas flourished and collaborations took root. Active participation was not just encouraged, it was celebrated, allowing attendees to leverage the collective intelligence of the core actors in the network. After a productive day of discussions and brainstorming we were treated with a reception at the Oceanario de Lisboa creating an opportunity to bond with fellow participants, forge new connections and continue important conversations sparked during the meeting. 

The objectives of the RISE UP Working Session included creating a joint understanding of RISE UP’s current position, exploring potential avenues through which RISE UP can make a substantial difference and contribution, and planning the next steps in the network’s journey leading up to UNOC3.

The Road to UNOC3 serves as a critical juncture for advancing equitable and inclusive ocean conservation. UNOC3 provides a global platform to promote the RISE UP Blue Call to Action, raise awareness, and influence global discussions and decision-making processes around key areas of focus. It offers opportunities for collaboration, partnership building, and advocacy for policies aligned with the RISE UP Blue Call To Action. Furthermore, the conference allows for the monitoring of progress, ensuring accountability, and fostering meaningful dialogue on the commitments made in the Blue Call to Action. 

Join us on the Journey

This Working Session kicks off RISE UP’s Road to UNOC3 – forging a path towards an ocean that reflects the values of equity, justice, and sustainability. By leveraging the power of its network, RISE UP will enhance collaboration, amplify diverse voices, and align efforts towards common goals. Only by working hand in hand can we secure a vibrant and resilient future for our planet’s precious marine ecosystems and the diverse communities that depend on them. Together, we can create a brighter future for our planet’s most vital ecosystem. Stay tuned for opportunities to join us on this journey!

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Date Published: 4th July 2023