One Ocean Summit

In an effort to mobilise the international community and take tangible action to mitigate threats to the ocean, such as such as the effects of climate change, pollution or the overexploitation of marine resources, the President of the French Republic will host the One Ocean Summit, scheduled to take place in Brest on 9-11 February 2022.

France claims to be a global leader, defending the planet and its ocean. Yet, concrete actions are slow to follow up on the promising political declarations, and while France has committed to an ambitious High Seas Treaty, this ambition has not yet been reflected in the proposals put forward by the EU during negotiations at the UN.

We hope that the One Ocean Summit can create a new impulse/momentum for a strong High Seas Treaty.

Check out the RISE UP #OneOceanSummit event page for more information.

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Date Published: 8th February 2022