7 September, 2023

Keep Sustainable Development Goal 14 as our lodestar, and the UN Decade of Ocean Science as our chart, and we will be staying the course towards a healthy and equitable ocean – By Ambassador Peter Thomson, UNSG’s Special Envoy for the Ocean In early June 2025, on the shores of the Mediterranean in the beautiful […]

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7 August, 2023

Ocean acidification (OA) is a direct result of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), which is altering the chemical balance of seawater that marine life (like shellfish, finfish and coral) need to grow, reproduce, and thrive. Combined with other impacts of climate change like ocean warming and reduced oxygen levels, marine species and ecosystems are […]

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6 July, 2023

Sian Owen, Director of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition The clock is ticking for the ocean. This month, the meetings of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) in Kingston, Jamaica could see the approval of the world’s first major deep-sea mining operation. The ISA Council could give large-scale deep-sea mining the go-ahead following the triggering of […]

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