Deep Dive Webinars

The RISE UP Deep Dives are a series of informative and engaging webinars, spotlighting the key campaigns, issues and calls to action that align with the RISE UP priorities and are closely linked to the Blue Call to Action. Collaboratively organized with partners, these webinars are geared towards facilitating knowledge exchange and providing support to our Network.

Safeguarding Half Our Planet: The role of Europe in the #RaceForRatification of the new High Seas Treaty

On February 7th, 2024, RISE UP and the High Seas Alliance hosted a Deep Dive webinar focused on the role of Europe in the #RaceForRatification of the new High Seas Treaty.

The new UN High Seas Treaty that was agreed in March 2023 marks a significant milestone in helping secure greater protection for ocean life in half the planet that makes up the High Seas. It now needs to be ratified by at least 60 countries before it can enter into force. This webinar, mainly targeted at groups working on ocean issues in Europe, provides an overview of the key elements of the Treaty, the role that the European Union and its member states play, and how to get involved in the #RaceForRatification campaign.