Restore Ocean Life


(i) sustainably manage the world’s fisheries and safeguard the livelihoods they support; (ii) stop overfishing and destructive fishing; and (iii) protect and restore threatened and endangered species, habitats and ecological functions.

Priority actions

Urgently restore depleted fisheries and sensitive habitats (such as coral reefs), and protect threatened and endangered species.

Within territorial seas, prioritize access for sustainable small-scale fishing, prevent industrial threats, and recognize and promote community-based management.

Prohibit damaging fishing, such as destructive bottom-trawling and blast fishing, and promote gears and techniques that minimize the catch of non-target species.

Prohibit new or expanded exploitation of krill, mesopelagic and deep-sea species.

Ensure transparency in all fisheries through the collection and public disclosure of information such as registration, catch, vessel tracking, licensing and other data, to deter illegal and unreported fishing, prevent human rights abuses, improve decision-making and combat corruption.

Adopt registration, licensing and monitoring systems to address unregulated fisheries.