Invest Immediately in a Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Future


(i) minimise greenhouse gas emissions to ensure we meet the Paris Agreement’s target to keep heating below 1.5°C; and (ii) restore the ocean’s full natural capacity to sequester and store carbon through nature-based solutions.

Priority actions

Immediately ban all new offshore oil and gas exploration and production, and rapidly phase out current offshore oil and gas extraction.

Target 100 percent decarbonization of all shipping by 2035, and immediately ban heavy fuel oil use in the Arctic.

Invest in nature-based solutions to maximize marine carbon sequestration and storage potential (e.g. protecting and restoring wetlands, mangroves and seagrass beds, and rebuilding wildlife).

Invest in low-impact ocean-based renewable energy sectors.

Commit to new and more ambitious national climate plans (NDCs) in 2020 that include the ocean (e.g. blue carbon storage, reduced emissions from ocean sectors, enhanced environmental and social resilience, adaptation benefits from ocean ecosystems), and accelerate their implementation.