About Us

RISE UP is a joint call to action developed by civil society, fisherfolk, Indigenous peoples, and philanthropic organisations urging governments and corporations to agree to bold action to safeguard the ocean.

It sets out common priorities, objectives and targets that our organisations collectively agree are vital to tackle the ocean crisis. We are focused on what the ocean needs to recover, not what is politically palatable.


Our ocean is in deep crisis. From the deep sea, to coastal waters or the furthest reaches of the icy polar oceans, our damaging footprints are everywhere. Defending the ocean’s capacity to produce oxygen, sequester carbon and provide food and livelihoods for billions of people is vital.

However, the international response by governments and businesses has so far not come anywhere near what is needed to avert this ocean crisis, as we continue to be driven by an economic model based on growth and consumption at any cost to our natural world.

What do we hope to achieve?

We want to inspire decision-makers and key stakeholders to RISE UP and agree on a course of action that will give our Blue Planet the best chance of survival. We want governments and companies to actively support the different goals and actions included in RISE UP, to commit to this bold and transformative action, and to work expeditiously in their own countries as well as globally to ensure the necessary changes are made in both policy and action.

Join us and RISE UP for the Ocean as well!

Explore the RISE UP map

The map provides a visual display of the diversity – both geographic and sectoral – of our ever-growing network.