About Us

In May 2019, a small but influential group of organizations and foundations came together to agree on common priorities, objectives, and targets that drive solutions for the ocean crisis and raise the level of ambition for action.They launched the Blue Call to Action , which sets out joint goals and objectives, with priority actions that our member organizations collectively agree are vital to tackle the ocean crisis. We are focused on what the ocean needs to recover, not what is politically palatable.

Initially powered by this group of civil society organizations who drafted the Blue Call to Action, RISE UP has now grown into a global network of over 600 groups representing civil society, foundations, businesses, small-scale fishers and Indigenous peoples, who jointly agree on common priorities, objectives and targets in the Blue Call to Action to drive collective action to protect, restore and equitably govern the ocean.

RISE UP is hosted by Seas At Risk and funded by Oceano Azul Foundation and Oak Foundation.


Our ocean is in deep crisis. From the hidden depths of the deep sea, to the bustling coastlines and the furthest reaches of the icy polar oceans, our damaging footprints are everywhere. Defending the ocean’s capacity to help stabilize the climate, protect marine biodiversity and provide food and livelihoods for billions of people is vital.

However, the international response by governments and businesses has fallen far short of what is needed to avert this ocean crisis. Despite the ocean’s declining health, it struggles to secure international attention from policy-makers and the general public.

What do we hope to achieve?

Our aim is to inspire decision makers to take equitable action that enhances the resilience and health of the ocean. We want governments to deliver the objectives outlined in the Blue Call to Action. We will build political momentum as we move toward the UN Ocean Conference 2025, a crucial multilateral arena where governments, civil society and all ocean stakeholders converge to collaboratively tackle the most urgent challenges our ocean faces.

Guiding Principle

Throughout our work and campaigns we are committed to promoting equitable outcomes and respecting the dignity of all individuals involved in our initiatives. Our campaigns center around an approach grounded in human rights-based principles.

RISE UP is responsive to emerging issues within the global ocean agenda. You can find more information on our current priorities here